… “You must have shown me real loyalty down in the Chamber. Nothing but that could’ve called Fawkes to you.” That’s the very first thing Dumbledore thanks and praises Harry for. Not for rescuing Ginny, or saving the school from the basilisk, or for keeping Voldemort from coming back, but for loyalty.

Dumbledore judges the people he works with based first and foremost on how loyal they are to him. Not because he thinks he’s all that, but because, as I said, he views people as game pieces, and you can’t have your game pieces acting up, can you? He values his pieces. He wants to advance and protect them. But he doesn’t want them running off beyond his sphere of influence and doing their own thing. I think there’s something very ambiguous about Dumbledore’s habit of seeking out desperate, socially outcast people and doing them one or two huge favors that leave them bound to him for life. Remus, Hagrid and Snape all fit that pattern, and Trelawney and Firenze appear to join the ranks in OOP. It kind of makes me wonder what Dumbledore has done for Fletcher, Moody and Shacklebolt.

…The problem with Sirius is, he’s not loyal to Dumbledore at all; he’s loyal to Harry. From Dumbledore’s point of view, it’s as if he’s playing wizard chess, and one of the knights suddenly decides that he doesn’t care what happens to the king, he’s just going to take care of that little pawn on the left. So Dumbledore does the only thing he thinks he can do — he sticks his recalcitrant knight into a safe, isolated corner of the board and keeps him from making any moves. Perfectly sensible and strategically sound, as long as you don’t expect your game pieces to have any pesky emotions or psychological issue that need to be taken into account.

…Dumbledore’s actions at Hogwarts are another symptom of his general approach. He doesn’t treat it just as a school, but also as an instrument in his strategy. People like Snape, Hagrid and Trelawny — all lousy teachers, in very different ways — are given their jobs as perks, because of their past of future usefulness to the Order, and because it strengthens their bonds of loyalty to Dumbledore.

OTOH, look at Lupin, who is a talented teacher. Why wasn’t he hired before Harry’s third year, especially given the difficulty of finding qualified DADA professors? My theory is that Dumbledore didn’t consider it necessary. As far as he knew, Lupin was already totally loyal simply because Dumbledore had allowed him to attend Hogwarts. There was no need to bribe him with a job. He was hired only when his familiarity with Sirius became an important factor. Once Sirius proved not to be a threat, Lupin was allowed to resign…

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I would like to thank hobbitunderthemountain for helping me convert my professor’s powerpoint files into pdfs. In doing so, she has not only helped me, but also helped my thesis partners shisainekobayashi and L.P. Through this simple conversion, I was able to access the files and print copies of it for myself and for my partners.

Thank you, Katie. You are the best!

Is anyone online right now????

I need help converting ppts to pdf because i dont have powerpoint and i cant read my professor’s lectures right now pls help




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How to talk to short people feat. Maddie, Ken, and Travis

Non-gif version here

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httyd2 details --> up close movements

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happy dean winchester is saved day!!

because the writers may have forgotten about the handprint, but i’m sure these two haven’t

I honestly wish Cas would drag that out every time there’s an argument. “Cas you can’t—”
"…Yeah, okay."

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Episode 13: Unafraid of the Dark, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey

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Title: Go The F--k To Sleep Artist: Samuel L. Jackson 451,475 plays







Samuel L. Jackson reads “Go The Fuck To Sleep”

Bedtime will never be the same again. 



holy shit i need this. 

This is the best thing ever happened with earth.






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Just imagine Dean kissing Cas for the first time, and Cas being completely shocked -

And Dean taking advantage of the momentary lapse to stab Castiel with the angel blade; the demon laughing as the life fades from those blue eyes.

And then imagine Cas covering Dean’s demon eyes as he sinks to the floor, trying to remember the real Dean. His Dean.image




Vogue’s 73 Questions with Daniel Radcliffe

It’s functionally impossible not to love Daniel Radcliffe. You can try, but you’ll fail.

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crimsonfire3 asked: Fandom: Suficha!

THE OTP: LEADIEV/SIRIUS shit angst at 2am??? Clinic Pair??? CLICHE FIRST MEETING?????? give me all the feels pls.

M/F OTP: Juan/Kalgary na yan, sureball. But I find Travis/Terry interesting HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA jk jk

M/M OTP: huhuhuhuhu Hiro/Teddy is really really cute ♥ both of them are so cute ♥ cute cute cute (i think i’m chanelling Tomas here HAHAHA). Naru Pair (Travis/Ken?) AAAAAA ALSO I REALLY LOVE MY BBIES Leon/Louis ♥ lionheart pair ♥♥ Anyone/Sean, Anyone/James, Travis/Anyone AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

F/F OTP: uhhhhhh hirap? HAHAHA I think maybe Aster/Eva?? because Eva hangs out with Ken  right?? and Ken and Aster are friends and they’d probably think wow hahaha

M/F NOTP (added): AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA do u still have to ask this really.Keith/Riza, i mean yeaah sure, he’s the president and she’s the peace keeper, but apart from that… i don’t really think they have anything to talk about??? 

M/M NOTP (added): shit idk??? anything that comes in between of my THE OTP, although i think Clyde/Sirius would be interesting HAHAHAHAHA errr, NOTP would be…. Keith/Hiro ~romantically~ HAHAHAHAHHAAH duuude brotp sila… AHAHAHA ALAM KO NA Travis/Keith ~romantically~ brotp lang din yan hahahahah errrr 

F/F NOTP (added): Aster/Kalgary, feeling ko na mawi-weird-uhan si kalgary kay aster??? Maybe??? 

Fav Female: TERRY and the fact that Travis is afraid of her HAHAHAHA i loooove her ♥♥♥
Fav Male: 
the bae ♥ Leon, but noo srsly, Hiro is my bby ♥♥♥ i’m very comfortable with writing Hiro ♥ I feel like i know him na. HAHAHAHAHAHA and then u have Leadiev HAHAHAHAHAHA and then keith omg my bae ♥ 

Least Fav Known Female: HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAA not really least fave pero probably when it comes to writing them, im so confused what to write nalang??? Cleo. I don’t know her pa, so it’s not really least fave, more like, i need to practice her characterization pa :D Cleo!POV sounds like something that’d be hard. Eva!POV rin and Riza!POV (Maddie!POV? hahahahahah Chests everywhere HAHAHAHA tingala everywhere! Jk jk jk)
Least Fav Known Male: 
same reasoning as above…. idk how to write Tim??? BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE TIM OK, i just don’t know how to write him pa :D like.. Tim!POV??? idk where to start.

Why I joined the fandom: LOLOLOL SAMES promoted fan bc this is ours eh hahaha