Because my dad’s paranoid and he sleeps right next to this one.

The kind of full story?

I’ve got two beds, one in the attic/loft and a daybed directly below where it’s less hot. My dad’s been sleeping at my daybed for a week now (because his arm is injured, and my mom’s crazy).

Three/four years ago, a robber got in our house and my dad became paranoid, so now we’ve got all these alarms i’ve gotta disarm before going downstairs at night, and we’ve started acquiring guns.

If you want I can show you my gun? ;)

  1. bananafondue said: actually i came up with an innuendo when you said you’ll show me your gun hahahahahaha. but ok. anyway SHIT YOUVE GOT AK 47. DID YOU LEARN TO USE IT TOO???
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